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akirolabs welcomes Jens Rassloff as Chairman of its Advisory Board

27 Feb 2024
2 Minutes
Jens Rasslof

Berlin, 27th February 2024 – akirolabs is proud to welcome Jens Rassloff as Chairman of its Advisory Board. Jens brings extensive expertise from his leadership positions at KPMG International and his background as founder, advisor and investor.

Following a successful $5 million seed funding round, akirolabs is on the path to rapid expansion. Jens’ deep understanding of global markets and his robust network will be invaluable in forging strong partnerships, identifying new opportunities, and strengthening akirolabs’ international presence.

Michael Pleuger, Co-Founder and CEO of akirolabs, highlighted Jens’ pivotal role in the solution’s very early stages and his substantial impact on fostering strategic alliances with major industry players. “Jens’ entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and vast international network are invaluable to akirolabs. “We’re excited to embark on this next chapter with him and continue our fruitful collaboration.”

About Akirolabs

akirolabs, founded in 2021 by Michael Pleuger, Detlef Schultz, Christoph Flöthmann, and Tim Ergenzinger, develops and provides an AI powered SaaS platform for collaborative strategic procurement. akirolabs is based upon a world-class and industry proven strategic procurement process, methodology and toolkit, embedded into an intuitive cross-functional collaboration workflow and enriched with all relevant internal and external business insight. akirolabs’ unique approach delivers “Procurement Strategies with Value & Purpose” and a significantly broader and 4-5 times higher value contribution than traditional souring solutions.

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