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Akiro means “procurement” in Esperanto, the universal world language. Just as the origin of our name indicates, we strive to become the platform for connecting people with different backgrounds, cultures and languages to change businesses for the better forever through procurement strategies with purpose and sustainable business value. In our labs we are developing the future of ProcureTech.

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akirolabs is an AI-powered SaaS platform designed to elevate procurement from a tactical function to a strategic business partner orchestrating value chains. Our cutting-edge solution enables the self-sufficient development of procurement strategies, providing a ready-to-use framework that organizations can adapt to their unique needs and contexts.

Our comprehensive category strategy management solution brings traditional category management to new heights by leveraging AI, fostering extended collaboration, and utilizing data from multiple sources and extending it beyond category taxonomy. With a purpose-driven focus, akirolabs emphasizes purpose and meaning, addressing the numerous ESG-related challenges organizations face and helping procurement earn recognition as more than just a cost killer.

Having won many prestigious awards and recognitions, akirolabs is a recognized leader in AI-driven procurement technology landscape.

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akiro is advancing better procurement

At akiro, we believe in enabling better procurement and delivering procurement success to our customers.

Beyond Category

Thinking and acting beyond the traditional supply market focus. akiro brings procurement closer to the core business, the overarching business strategy and broader company purpose.

Sustainable Value

Instead of focusing solely on efficiency and savings, akiro emphasizes total sustainable business value, ensuring benefits for the business, the planet, and society at large.

Collaborative Innovation

We believe that true innovation stems from diversity and collaboration. By merging procurement thought leadership with cutting-edge technology, we foster an environment where diverse perspectives drive disruptive solutions

Future-Forward Procurement

Akiro fills a unique space in ProcureTech, building on award-winning innovations and continuously pushing boundaries to shape the future of procurement.

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