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Let’s Change Procurement for the Better

Step into a world where your career propels the evolution of strategic procurement. At akirolabs, we’re not just enhancing, but redefining procurement through our innovative AI-driven SaaS platform. Join us and be a pivotal part of a team that shapes sustainable and strategic growth in businesses across the globe.


akiro is advancing smarter procurement

At akiro, we believe in enabling better procurement and delivering procurement success to our customers.

Beyond Category

Thinking and acting beyond the traditional supply market focus. akiro brings procurement closer to the core business, the overarching business strategy and broader company purpose.

Sustainable Value

Instead of focusing solely on efficiency and savings, akiro emphasizes total sustainable business value, ensuring benefits for the business, the planet, and society at large.

Collaborative Innovation

We believe that true innovation stems from diversity and collaboration. By merging procurement thought leadership with cutting-edge technology, we foster an environment where diverse perspectives drive disruptive solutions

Future-Forward Procurement

Akiro fills a unique space in ProcureTech, building on award-winning innovations and continuously pushing boundaries to shape the future of procurement.

Job Opportunities

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Business & Marketing

Enterprise Account Executive 

Berlin / Remote

Full Time

Founders’ Associate Intern

Berlin / remote

Full Time

Business Development Rep.


Full Time


Generic Tech Pool (If you don’t see matched role)


Full Time


Inclusion at the Core, Innovation at the Forefront

We are committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where every voice is heard, valued, and empowered. We believe that embracing diversity fuels our innovation and excellence, driving us to create cutting-edge procurement solutions that resonate globally!

Inclusive Culture

akirolabs celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences of every team member. Our inclusive culture fosters mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration, ensuring that innovative ideas thrive.

Equitable Opportunities

We are dedicated to providing equitable growth and development opportunities. By removing barriers and offering robust support, akirolabs empowers each individual to reach their full potential.

Purpose-Driven Innovation

At akirolabs, we integrate purpose and meaning into every aspect of our work. Our solutions are designed to address ESG-related challenges, ensuring that our innovations drive sustainable value and make a positive impact on society.

Continuous Learning

At akirolabs, we understand that achieving true inclusivity is an ongoing journey. We prioritize continuous learning through regular training, open dialogue, and educational initiatives.

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