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Introducing akiro

Our SaaS platform boosts your procurement value & purpose

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Proven Framework

Consider everything

Apply an industry-proven strategic procurement framework used by cutting-edge organizations. No matter if you center your strategic procurement around categories or BEYOND, e.g. projects or new business models. Applying our framework ensures consideration of all factors impacting your “procurement object”.

Swarm Intelligence

Collaborate with everybody

Enable stakeholders from Procurement, R&D, Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality, Sales etc. to collaborate frictionless on a cloud-based platform. All relevant cross-functional knowledge and experience is fully incorporated in your strategies. Transparency and traceability guarantees most impactful outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

Gather all insights

Leverage akiro’s AI-driven market intelligence to find insights, innovation or anything else of relevance for your strategy. Internal and external content is seamlessly integrated into the strategy workflow to foster data-driven decision-making.

Intelligent scenario selection

Define all relevant scenarios

Create strategic options to visualize trade-offs along different dimensions and select the preferred options with the business to bring your strategy to life.


Choose your actions

Choose from a repository of state-of-the-art commercial, technical, process and purpose value levers, automatically filtered and suggested based on your previous analyses and defined scenarios.

Knowledge repository

Retain all knowledge

Create a strategy library and knowledge repository accessible to all stakeholders. Ensure that knowledge is retained despite employee turnover or re-organization. Build better strategies grounded in existing organizational knowledge.


Dr. Elouise Epstein KEARNEY Partner

“…what you have created is significant… there is no doubt in my mind that this is a breakthrough innovation…akirolabs is on a trajectory to eliminate much of the category management function as we know it today.”

Dirk Kunz SVP Group IT Sourcing at Bertelsmann

“akirolabs enables us to manage the heterogeneous requirements of all Bertelsmann divisions whilst maximizing the transparency across our jointly defined category strategies.”

    Why Akirolabs?

    Leverage our unique capabilities to elevate your procurement to a truly strategic business function

    World-class Strategic Procurement Framework

    akiro has been built upon an industry-proven 20+ step process and enhanced with future-looking and innovative capabilities to drive business foresight.

    Swarm Intelligence

    All stakeholders BEYOND category management work together on one SaaS-platform: R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing, you name it, all led by strategic procurement.

    AI-augmented Market Intelligence

    Latest AI/ML capabilities are embedded in the process for real time information, innovation scouting in the web and for auto-sense-making.

    Scenario Planning

    Our dynamic and continuous strategy development approach facilitates scenario planning and creation of several strategy versions. As a result, you are prepared to react swiftly to events in today’s VUCA world.


    With our skills-to-system approach we do not only disrupt strategic procurement, but also procurement consulting. We upskill procurement managers to self-sufficiency. 


    akirolabs has embedded purpose throughout the end-to-end strategic procurement process and toolkit. Dedicated purpose value levers maximize value to the planet and the society. Each strategy is assessed against the ESG framework.

    Strategy Cockpit & Knowledge Repository

    See the status of all your strategies at a glance. Check out the latest market insights, review your to-dos and join the discussion with your strategy teams. All strategies are stored and accessible in the cloud to create an infinite knowledge repository. Never lose category knowledge again due to employee turnover or distributed databases.


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