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10xProcurement – Value Chain Orchestration

Many years ago, when I started my career in Procurement in the mid-eighties of the last century, Category Management was a hot thing. In the days before personal computers and mobile phones getting sufficient information about the supply base was a difficult task. Trade associations, exhibitions, supplier visits, in-person seminars and trainings, etc. were the […]

Procurement in the C-19 Spotlight

Are the Procurement Labs developing the desperately sought-after C-19 business vaccine for strengthening the immune systems of our economy and our businesses? The Covid-19 pandemic has moved procurement into the spotlight. Politicians and business leaders alike, placed significant attention on procurement and supply chain management when it comes to alleviating the pandemic’s economic and commercial […]

The Procuretech Podcast: Spinning a Startup out of Corporate

Tune into the podcast here. Summary by James Meads on the episode below. There are many great stories about how startups are created, but this one is particularly interesting. Take a procurement organisation that is often cited as best-in-class, and then challenge it with becoming even better. Michael Pleuger, is a former Senior Executive at […]

akirolabs at DPW 2022

akirolabs has presented at DPW 2022! Watch our Co-Founder Detlef talk about akiro and the future of procurement.