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akirolabs at Procurement Summit 2023: A Triumph of Innovation and Strategic Shift

24 Oct 2023
10 Minutes
akirolabs at Procurement Summit 2023


We are elated to recount akirolabs’ participation at the Procurement Summit 2023, a seminal event that assembled the global procurement industry’s elite in Hamburg. This year was particularly monumental for akirolabs, with our CEO and Co-founder, Michael Pleuger, engaging profoundly with the German procurement community, shedding light on our innovative approach to strategic procurement and the future of category management.

A Distinguished Pitch at Procurement Summit

It was an honour for akirolabs and our CEO Michael Pleuger to present before the esteemed German Procurement Community at the Procurement Summit 2023. The ambience was palpable with expectation as Michael took the stage. His presentation, aptly titled “Time Travel in Procurement,” not only held the audience’s rapt attention but also provided an unparalleled insight into the evolutionary trajectory of category management and its profound influence on the procurement sector.

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Category Management: Traversing Time 

Michael’s analytical approach to the concept of time travel in procurement went beyond the ordinary, presenting a holistic overview of the industry’s historical roots, its current technological advancements, and the prospective future. He delved deep into the intricacies of category management, underscoring the limitations of the prevailing traditional practices. Michael’s vision of the future painted a picture where AI, cutting-edge digital innovations and a business-oriented approach stand central to reshaping and revolutionizing procurement processes.

Find out why old school category management is not enough:

Engaging with the German Procurement Community

Beyond presentations, the Procurement Summit 2023 was a vibrant confluence of ideas, discussions, and professional networking. Our team’s in-depth interactions with the German procurement community provided invaluable insights into the region’s unique challenges and opportunities, informing akirolabs’ global strategy and reinforcing our commitment to delivering tailored procurement solutions.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

The enthusiastic reception of Michael’s pitch and akiriolabs booth at the summit has bolstered our confidence in akirolabs’ strategic direction. We are more resolute than ever in our mission to pioneer cutting-edge procurement solutions, particularly in category management, anticipating a future rich with innovation and growth.

The Procurement Summit 2023 was a landmark event for akirolabs, solidifying our position as thought leaders in the procurement industry. As we reflect on the summit’s success, we are imbued with gratitude for the opportunity and exhilaration for the journey that lies ahead

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