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Category Management is DEAD – What Comes Next?


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    Category management is at a crossroads. Once effective, traditional methods are struggling to keep up with the complexities of modern supply chains, shifting business priorities, and the rapid pace of technological advancement. The limitations of these old approaches are glaringly evident as businesses grapple with volatile markets, stringent regulatory requirements, and the pressing need for more integrated and strategic procurement solutions.

    The need for transformation is pressing. The digitalization of category management has emerged as a critical topic, drawing the attention of procurement leaders globally. Numerous studies have revealed a growing eagerness among Chief Procurement Officers to revolutionize category management. They recognize its potential to align with and drive broader business objectives and are keen to leverage the latest technologies to do so.

    Why You Should Read This eBook

    This eBook, “Category Management is DEAD—What Comes Next?” is designed to empower procurement professionals and leaders—category managers, Procurement Excellence Managers, Procurement Digitalisation Leads, and CPOs—through this pivotal transformation. It is a comprehensive knowledge guide that enlightens readers on the importance of moving beyond traditional category management. You will gain insights into the inherent limitations of outdated methods based on the Kraljic matrix and discover the steps needed to elevate your procurement practices to the next maturity level.

    By engaging with this eBook, you will experience a transformative shift in the approach you take towards strategic procurement. Before, you might have been under the illusion of driving strategic procurement, bound by outdated frameworks and limited by a narrow focus. After reading, you will understand what it truly means to drive strategic procurement and why category management, as we know it today, has yet to deliver the value the business expects from procurement.

    You will understand why it’s time to digitalize category management and the substantially higher business value it brings over operational and tactical approaches. You will learn to align procurement strategies effectively with broader business goals through advanced methods like AI Augmented scenario modelling and digital collaboration, acclaimed by thought leaders such as Bernard Gracia, founder of EIPM, and Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney and best-selling author on digital procurement.

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