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Beyond Kraljic & Chessboard – Navigating the New Era of Procurement

    In the intricate tapestry of global commerce and business strategy, procurement has traditionally woven a subtle, yet profoundly impactful thread. However, the conventional methodologies and frameworks, once deemed revolutionary, are now being scrutinized under the lens of modern-day challenges and technological advancements. ” Beyond Kraljic & Chessboard – Navigating the Future of Strategic Procurement,” our meticulously curated eBook, embarks on a journey through the epochs of strategic purchasing, dissecting its evolution and pondering its future trajectory amidst the rapidly transforming global business landscape.

    In an era where the confluence of technology and strategy is not merely an advantage but a necessity, the procurement sector finds itself at a crossroads. The Kraljic Matrix and the Procurement Chessboard, once heralded as the epitome of strategic procurement thinking, are now being questioned for their relevance and applicability in today’s multifaceted, digital, and dynamic global market. This eBook not only traverses through these historical milestones and their contemporary critiques but also ventures into the realms of what lies beyond.

    This guide is not merely a reflection of the past but a compass navigating through the future of strategic procurement. It is an essential read for procurement professionals and leaders seeking to understand, critique, and navigate through the complexities and possibilities of modern strategic procurement.

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