Whitepaper: Syncing Procurement Digitalization Roadmaps with NextGen Procurement Skills

We’ll bet you have wondered many times how digitalization is shaping the need for Next Generation Procurement Skills – especially since COVID-19 has amplified the need for forming virtual teams that deliver highest performance using digital tools and working from anywhere.

In akirolabs’ first and hot-off-the-press whitepaper “Syncing Procurement Digitalization Roadmaps and NextGen Procurement Skills” we investigate exactly that in conjunction with the interrelation to procurement activities, digitalization roadmaps and talent & recruitment strategies. Our whitepaper is based on our 70+ years of cumulative procurement leadership and consulting experience, countless projects and 87 whitepaper-related interviews with procurement managers:

  • First, leveraging the field-proven scientific methodology “COGNTIVIE LENS” we map 175 procurement tasks along the dimensions of “complexity” and “collaboration”– we find that strategic tasks are highly complex and collaborative, meaning that they will remain with human workers augmented by AI. In contrast, operational tasks ranked solitary and simple are prone for automation
  • Second, we identify and describe seven essential “NextGen Procurement Skills”
  • Third, we provide a framework to derive a NextGen Procurement skill-centric digitalization roadmap
  • Fourth, we suggest how to derive talent and recruitment strategies in alignment with the digitalization roadmap and NextGen skills requirements

You can download the whitepaper as PDF below:

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