Our Vision

About “akiro”

akiro means “procurement” in Esperanto, the universal world language. Just as the origin of our name indicates, we strive to become the platform for connecting people with different backgrounds, cultures and languages to change businesses for the better forever through procurement strategies with purpose and sustainable business value. In our labs we are developing the future of ProcureTech.

Our Vision

  • 10xProcurement – think exponentially

    In the current business environment, namely the ongoing digitalization, Industry 4.0, IoT and most recently C-19, Procurement needs to further mature and take on a new, even more strategic role where it is involved in and impacts major parts of the value chain. Procurement should be a sought-after business partner, the powerhouse of information. We have been taught to think in linear terms but now we need to leave the linear path and start to think in exponential terms to shape the future of Procurement. We must become 10x Procurement. It is apparent that the traditional category management approach is not sufficient anymore and will not deliver on the business partners’ requirements.

  • Strategize BEYOND Category

    Procurement must step up into a much more strategic role and must have a much deeper integration into the core business. Buyers must think BEYOND procurement categories and must consider the entire ecosystem. Category is a procurement perspective only. Nobody else in the business thinks in categories, but in products, projects, or business models. In order to be a valued and respected business partner, it is essential for procurement to think in the same way the core business does.

  • Orchestrate the Ecosystem

    Ecosystem Orchestration will be the new norm. As a Ecosystem Orchestrator, Procurement takes advantage of its unique position in the ecosystem as a spider in a complex web, applying the entire suite of digitalization, data analytics, robotics, and automation to contribute to the success of the entire enterprise. It develops BEYOND category management towards the primary provider of business insight and foresight and as such having a huge impact on the ecosystem.

  • Swarm Intelligence

    We are solving the procurement intelligence problem, the creation of insights and recommendations based on the totality of data across all procurement systems and data feeds. akirolabs represents a new generation of intelligence generating solutions, leveraging AI capabilities and the swarm intelligence of the company by bringing all knowledgeable stakeholders together on one platform.

  • Skills-to-System

    With our skills-to-system approach we do not only want to disrupt strategic procurement, but also procurement consulting. akiro upskills procurement managers to self-sufficiency by providing knowledge, guidance and experience digitally, tailored towards the specific needs.

  • Value to the Planet and our Society

    akirolabs has embedded purpose throughout the end-to-end strategic procurement process and toolkit. Dedicated purpose value levers maximize value to the planet and the society. Each strategy is assessed against the ESG framework and the United Nations 17 interlinked sustainable development goals.

Purpose & Culture

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